Arva Rose, MFT

Hello, I am Arva Rose, licensed marriage and family therapist (MFT). For over 25 years, I have helped countless individuals, married and unmarried couples, and families lead happy, productive lives. Based in the Pacific Palisades, I am solution-oriented therapist who specializes in relationships. Marriage counseling, family therapy, couples therapy, grief counseling, are all about relationships. How we get them, how we make them, how we keep them or how we end them. Whether you need a directive approach, with lots of oversight, homework, and reporting back; or if you prefer to reach your unconscious through means of visualization therapy or meditation, or if a challenging course of cognitive-behavioral exercises might be best for you…we will find that way together. You and I. Yes, the primary relationship that must always come first is the one you have with yourself. Many of us are not very kind to ourselves. And many among those are not at all aware of this. Bringing that awareness to the surface and owning it is the only way to correct it. If you can get the relationship with yourself right, it is much easier to work on any other relationship you are in. No matter if you are grieving the loss of a relationship or loved one; if you and your partner, or spouse or parent or boss are in a turbulent relationship and want to find stability and peace; if you are newlyweds and want to create a solid foundation for a shared lifetime of happiness, I am here to help. Learning and teaching; helping and sharing the principles of healthy living is what gives my life meaning. I am equipped with all the proper skills and therapeutic methods to help you drastically improve your life and develop a strong foundation for living a happy, productive life.