Arva Rose – Licensed Therapist

I didn’t start out as a professional therapist. I began my amateur career at the age of 13, when, among friends, family and even strangers, I was sought out to listen and to help if I could with issues of life and love. . I received my Masters Degree in Clinical Psychology from Antioch University in the late 1980s. Since then, while working as a licensed therapist I have helped countless individuals, couples, and families resolve their problems big and small, and live life to it’s fullest. I understand first-hand what it is like to be in a less-than-ideal relationship. Most do. However, many let that past relationship color other possibilities. We do not have to let the past dictate the present. I am happily married now for the second time, and have stayed this way for 22 years. Although, finding peace and happiness with ourselves and our partners, finding the most harmonious or benign way to be with our families and others requires continuous effort and dedication, it is something we can all achieve. I am here to help you do exactly this. There are many schools of therapy, many styles within the schools and people all have different expectations. The most common expectation is that the therapist will sit and listen to you, occasionally say, “Hmm,” and “How does that make you feel” and offer little else. The idea is for the client to find his or her own way through thoughts and feelings, and for the therapist to be the sounding board. I’m a very good sounding board...but I do more. Although I am patient and reflective, I I am not passive. If you have a question for me I will answer it to the best of my ability. I won't make you struggle. My approach to your well-being and mental health will be to give you proper direction to help you examine your thoughts and feelings and needs and what the right actions should be once those are clarified. Otherwise, months or even years can be spent in the therapists’ office without seeing any practical results. This should never happen, and with me, it never will. Instead, the therapy I provide is both directive and solution-oriented. This way, you can get the help you need and see immediate improvement in your life after even your first session. The therapy I provide is based upon two simple concepts: honesty and confidentiality. The therapeutic relationship should be the safe space, a sanctuary in which you can be entirely open and without fear. I promise that I will never judge you, that you will be treated with the utmost respect and sensitivity, and that everything you say will be held strictly confidential. All I ask is that you come to your sessions open to the experience, and that you be honest with yourself. To find out more information or schedule an appointment, please contact me.