Grief counseling

Whether it is the death of a loved or the end of a marriage or relationship, letting go is always hard to do. Often we obsess over things we should have said, things we could have done differently, or believe that it is in our own power to change the past. After being accustomed to a loved one’s presence for so long, not having him or her in our lives can be traumatic. This type of grief is natural but it can be made more productive and can bring you peace if you go through the grieving process in a healthy way. If one continues to grieve beyond an appropriate period of time (different cultures dictate different lengths of time) Grief therapy is a necessity. Grief therapy and grief counseling are essential for overcoming deep despair. Processing one’s grief in therapy can make you a stronger healthier and wiser individual.

Arva Rose – Grief Counselor

Through grief counseling and grief therapy. I can help you understand your grief, learn where to put those feelings and memories. Do exercises or learn practices that will help you move through it and come to the end of it, in a healthy way. Working through grief is a process that brings you closer to the life you want to live.

The purpose of grief

Grief serves a definitive purpose. It enables us to recognize what we once had by feeling a sense of loss. This abyss is healthy to experience; it can help direct our future actions, reinforce bonds that we have with friends and families, be more grateful for loved ones in our lives, and put our lives in a new perspective.

Grief of relationships

An ended relationship is not necessarily as bad a thing as it feel like in the moment. Ended relationships can serve as signs for how we can better ourselves for the future. An ended relationship with all the ups and downs informs us of our strengths in love, as well the aspects we must improve upon. They provide insight as to who we are as beings, and from our failures better inform us for finding a better partner the next time around. For more information about my grief counseling and grief therapy services, please contact me. I look forward to hearing from you.