Professional Testimonials

As an allied health provider I can sincerely recommend Arva Rose for her professional work. She has a broad, diverse spectrum of knowledge to draw from and uses it with empathy and care. Arva Rose will get you the results you want and enrich your life's journey through her counseling and therapy. P J S, OD FAAO Chief Optometry Cedars Sinai Hospital ____________________________________ Arva Rose is a wonderful therapist. She has more than 2 decades of experience, is well trained and well respected by patients and colleagues alike. As a gynecologist I feel comfortable referring my patients to her for issues of female intimacy from anhedonia (lack of pleasure in sex) to dyspareunia, (painful sexual intercourse due to medical or psychological problems),to F.O.D. Female orgasmic disorder (inability to have an orgasm.) She is warm and  caring and puts patients at ease. Charles Hamrell, MD Woman’s Healthcare Associates 1245 16th St Ste 300 Santa Monica, CA.

Professor, UCLA Med Ctr, Obstetrics And Gynecology ____________________________________

Client Testimonials

“Arva was the wisdom, the fuel, the encouragement, and the humor needed to get me out of a toxic                relationship and into the healthy relationship of my dreams.  See photos for evidence!” Michael Drennan, P.E. President,Drennan Enterprises, Inc. 310 384 8240 ________________________________________________
I have been working with Arva for several years and recommend her highly. She has helped me and my family through a number of issues over the years, with wonderful results. She has helped me and my wife deal with and resolve significant issues with our teen age daughter, my step-son, and between us as a couple. I have also seen her individually to help me address some long-standing issues arising from my relationship with my father. As a lawyer, I find myself applying the insights I've gained through working with Arva professionally and in my relationships with my law partners as well. The question "what would Arva say about this?" is a constant refrain in my life. She has become the voice in my head. I urge you to let her be the voice in yours. Jason B., Attorney, Los Angeles ____________________________________ What I have learned from Arva, and why I continue to seek her counsel, is that having the tools, perspective and strength that a good therapist can give helps you navigate through the quagmire of interpersonal relationships with more courage, integrity and clarity than you would otherwise have. And that the most important relationship is the one with yourself. For without peace around that, you cannot give much to others. I thank you, Arva, for your unending wisdom, generosity, guidance and the safe haven you provide. Your warm, incisive humor really helps too. Susan B.V., Sherman Oaks ____________________________________ My journey with Arva began when I was abusing alcohol and drugs. I was in a toxic relationship which I could not and would not get myself out of.  I would love say that in three sessions with Arva I was all fixed, but that would not be the truth, and Arva is big on truth.  What I can tell you is that Arva has a unique capacity to create a space that is safe and sustainable.  Over time that grew into trust.  With that trust I was able to push aside my fear and see who I was.  The  good and the bad. Times when my ego was overblown she could temper me back to reality.   Times when I was putting myself through the mental noise from hell, she would open a door to quiet. Over the years I have ventured into other spiritual or psychological disciplines, some good for a moment, some for a season but Arva was always the constant, the reality check.  My life today is by no means perfect, but I sit in my skin pretty well, most days, and if I feel like I am coming off the rails I visit Arva, so she can remind me where I have been, and how I’ve done… and how much more of the journey there is left to travel.  If you’re stuck or no longer see up from down, visit Arva.  Explore what may be possible for you. Billy B. Los Angeles